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"Peacock Palace"

A necklace, shaped as a peacock, made from finest leather in combination with japanese Shibori silk and japanese Miyuki beads.

CHF 498.00 *

"Purple Secret"

A colorful handmade necklace, bringing a whiff of springtime and takes care of a warm and tender mood.

CHF 449.00 *


A very elegant, handmade necklace. It's manufactured from precious materials and warm colors.

CHF 399.00 *


A very stylish crafted necklace. It is made from beads and various stones. The elements resembles to flowers.

CHF 389.00 *


A precious and elegant necklace. Made from fine, genuine, green and purple leather and beads.

CHF 348.00 *


An exclusive necklace in white and jade green colors. The delicate crystals and pearls have been woven in the style of traditional lace.

CHF 290.00 *


A stylish and luxurious necklace with a flower motiv, made from crystals and pearls in various colors.

CHF 380.00 *


A unique asymmetric necklace from white and golden Swarowski-Crystals and white and golden Pearls.

CHF 294.00 *


A very elegant necklace in blue and white colors. The focus lies on the white jasmin blossoms.

CHF 366.00 *

"Tender Blossoms"

This elegant and filigran Necklace combines style and elegance into a real eye-catcher. Best suited for a wedding.

CHF 349.00 *

"Power of Springtime"

This necklace has been chosen on the 1st place in the march challange "Green" of the Etsy-Beadweavers-Team.

CHF 498.00 *

"Golden Greenleafs"

This handmade leather necklace consists of three elements. Each one for itself a one of a kind.

CHF 399.00 *


A wonderful handmade nechlace, made from genuine leather and Makramee with vibrant colors and shapes.

CHF 298.00 *

"Calla Lux"

CHF 289.00 *

"Paradise Blossom"

CHF 338.00 *

"Kauai Sunrise"

CHF 373.00 *

"Indian Sun"

CHF 397.00 *

"Emerald Poppy"

CHF 319.00 *

"Royal Wedding"

A filigrane necklace made from multiple artfully interwoven string of white and golden beads and crystals.

CHF 376.00 *

"The artist's rose"

CHF 379.00 *

"Midnight Rose"

CHF 359.00 *

"Peony Fire"

CHF 295.00 *

"Poppy Twins"

CHF 347.00 *

"Floral Triplet"

CHF 339.00 *

"Cosmic Romance"

CHF 354.00 *

"Amazing Rose"

CHF 389.00 *

"Summer Comes"

CHF 364.00 *

"Waikiki Beach"

CHF 375.00 *
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1 - 30 of 44 results