"Power of Springtime"

"Power of Springtime"

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A elegant, handmade from leather, necklace. Decorated with a lot of different materials.

In the center of this imaginativ gem stands a calla flower, made from leather. The flower was completely handmade and hand painted. The heart of the blossom has been modeled with polymer clay.

The necklace consists of two parts, joined together with green Swarowski crystals. The main part is decorated with white cultered pearls, czech rocailles, green beads, yellow and green Swarowski crystals, and japanese Toho and Miyuki rocailles.

With yellow soutache bordered, clearly contoured, white leather elements are a central element of the necklace. The elegant side piece consits of whilte leather with airy cavities. All edges are decorated with various beads and woven soutache elements.

The closure chain is made from green Mureno-glass elements with small metal inlays. The closure itself is in the shape of two leafs.


- white and green leather
- soutache green, white and yellow
- white cultured pearls
- green beads
- yellow and green Swarowski crystals
- Mureno glass elements
- japanese beads
- tiny leather blossoms

length: ca. 30 - 31 cm
width: ca. 28 - 29 cm
height: ca. 5 - 5,2 cm
neck circumference: ca. 47 - 48 cm

Green is the color of hope. It promises, after a long grey winter, that spring will arrive soon. With all the new leafs and flowers. It also stands for a new beginning.



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