"Golden Greenleafs"

"Golden Greenleafs"

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This handmade necklace consists of three elements. Each one for itself a one of a kind. In the first element you'll find artfully and dynamic interwoven, golden stripes of leather, standing in contrast to the green leather in the background.

On the golden background of the main element, three white calla flowers are blooming. Alternating with green shibori silk and golden pearl chains.

The right side reminds a fine lace of beads, giving this necklace an unbelievable finesse.

The used Shibori silk is colored in spring green and lavender.


- japanese Miyuki Rocailles
- white glass wax pearls
- golden olive pearls
- golden rocailles
- galvanised synthetic golden pearls 
- bead embroidery
- green Shibori silk
- white leather calla with a heart of polymer clay

length: ca. 25 - 26 cm
width: ca. 27 - 28 cm
height: cas. 3,8 - 4 cm
neck circumference: ca 46 - 52 cm

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